DeclareTx is used to declare an account for a wallet on the chain. Before user declares an account on the chain, no one else is aware of this account's existence and this account cannot participate in any activities.

After DeclareTx executes successfully, the declared account is now known to the chan, and therefore can send/receive transactions and participate in other chain activities.

Sample Code

The following shows how to use DeclareTx in Protocol Buffers.

message DeclareTx {
  string moniker = 1;
  string issuer = 2;

  google.protobuf.Any data = 15;
NameData TypeDescription
monikerstringNickname for the account
issuer(optional)stringThe account that issued this account
data (optional)Google.Protobuf.AnyCustom user data

Sample Usage

wallet = ForgeSdk.create_wallet()
ForgeSdk.declare( "sisyphus"), wallet: wallet)

Restricted Declaration

For certain applications, accounts are a controlled resources that not everyone can get freely. Thus we provided restricted declaration, which application owner can just set restricted = true in forge configuration like this:

restricted = true

Then a normal declare transaction would fail. Under this setting, declaration can be carried out only if it is endorsed (multi-signed) by an existing account in the chain.

This feature can be used to implement a) a referral system, like gmail in the early ages b) paid accounts.